document.write( '' ); Southland. Bald guys don’t shed hair because they don’t have any. "Scotties have hair that continues to grow longer and longer over time. //--> var prefix = 'mailto:'; //--> This is another toy dog, one whose name in French translates to "curly lap dog." //-->, *** Some of the words our volunteers have used to describe one or both of these pups: "Sweet, affectionate, gentle giant, alert, sleek, handsome, playful, huge, loving, kid-friendly, energetic, easygoing, good-looking, fun, cuddly, adventurous, beautiful, majestic, outgoing, stunning, curious, long-limbed, friendly, happy, nose-to-the-ground, confident, strong…". Beautiful eight-month-old Winnie is looking for an active and loving home. var suffix = ''; var attribs = ''; var suffix = ''; document.write( 'span>' ); document.write( '' ); The label “non-shedding” is a tad misleading. Applications and inquiries to to Adopt instead. var prefix = 'mailto:'; 18 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds If You Have Allergies Low Shedding. var suffix = ''; Both pups love being around older children. //--> var suffix = ''; document.write( addy_text65951 ); document.write( '' ); So either they are a truly hairless breed (below), or they are considered a “non-shedding” breed even though they do shed, just not as much as other dogs. Mumma is energetic and loves to go out for daily walks. Dog hair – It gets everywhere! © 2020 Galvanized Media. var addy23381 = 'info' + '@'; This little girl weighs about 20kg and loves to run, play and cuddle... or perhaps she likes to cuddle, run and play. //-->. The breed was once exchanged by monks as a token of good luck, and while their shaggy coats require a lot of grooming, they don't shed. document.write( addy79328 ); A crossbreed of the Labrador retriever and poodle, they've got all the energy and friendliness of a Lab combined with the lack of shedding characterized by the poodle. We are looking for a home for her with plenty of love, company, comfort, exercise and reward-based training. . The Best Places To Find A Really Puppy Pethelpful By Fellow Animal And Experts. Sassy would enjoy a good sized, securely fenced property and the freedom to roam indoors or outdoors as she wishes. This affectionate Australian Kelpie cross is approximately 2-years-old and is now de-sexed, micro-chipped, registered, fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated. is part of the Meredith Health Group.