That did the trick, but now I am worried that after they are installed in the rental the tenants won’t be able to get them off in the future to replace bulbs. Another option after taking off the dated paneling is just a smooth, lightly textured , light-colored ceiling. One type you just reach up and pull down on the trim and the trim locks in the open position so you can get to the light bulb. Turn off the breaker supplying power to the fluorescent light fixture. I’d like to be able to get the cover off and change the white bulb plus remove the green light, Someone sent me this on 16 February 2015, with a comment “I have tried twisting pulling but won’t budge. After getting glass off i lubed the 3 metal prongs that hold glass on with lube. Carefully tug a bit on the metal frame and see if it will pull down. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for this page! Help. Page is missing HUGE HUGE fundamental. Other Options. If you hear hoof beats, don’t start looking for zebras, its probably just a horse. I was prepared to break the globe to get it down and buy something more user friendly. Probably will have to pay a handyman to come and change the lightbulb inside this neckless round glass globe, before I break it–or my neck!–trying to get the dang thing OFF so I can replace the bulb. I tried a dull knife and a flat screwdriver but only the penny worked. This is quite challenging, with tens of options. Why oh why can’t the lighting industry make these things standard or simple? I can wiggle the glass globe a tiny bit but that screw isn’t moving. although I only had a few drops on old blanket I used to cover the carpet. It came undone/unsnapped, and then the other end was easy. Turns out, after I finally got the two spring side clips to unspring… that it was an LED lighting fixture…!!! Any ideas?”. Presumably the tab slides in just to hide it. Run the lighting. In the process discovered it pulled straight down to a point and retained by springs suspending fron the base. The make-shift handle will give you better leverage to control and turn the dome cover. Hopefully this article never gets removed! I had no idea what my light fixture was called and could only get it partially removed. I found this article in 2020 and it came in very handy. My daughter uses a flashlight to get into her closet because her widowed mother cannot figure out how to change the lightbulb. I’ve been without light in a vintage flush mount for too long! Now that I’ve broken it, will I get a refund? On the first light, the glass just drops down when you remove the nut. Now I know why the people that donated them got rid of them. I’ve managed to suss out all but one of the light fittings and I really have no idea how to remove the shades. So I tried to move it the maxim limit from left to right, i found a little knot in the middle of one side of the square. involving cutting the light cord. I think we should recruit monkeys or school children to design these things. There were two screws at the base of the drum, that I have already removed. you should take a picture of it when it was open, … so what was the “tab” purpose, does it show screw position, or there was no tab in your case? On the second light, the glass doesn’t budge when you remove the nut. They weren’t cheap; i “treated” myself. Hi, Anyone figure out how to do the one that Angela Poole posted? it came right off. document.write('